PARIS, France — April 1st 2018: Damien FABLET gets promoted Algaia Chief Finance Officer. 

Upon departure of Sylvie Le Cossec, former Algaia’s CFO, leaving the company for personal reasons, Damien Fablet, former business and plant controller of the company is promoted Algaia’s CFO.

“We can only regret the decision of Sylvie to leave our company but also understand and respect her need to get closer to her family. I want to acknowledge the fantastic impact Sylvie had over Algaia in 2017, a year of M&A integration, structuration and growth. In parallel, I am also very pleased, together with Algaia board of Directors, to announce the promotion of Damien Fablet as new CFO of the company. With its long standing experience as business and plant controller at Cargill, added to a several years of experience at KPMG as senior auditor, Damien holds the necessary knowledge, experience and skills required for the future of the company. He will be located in Lannilis (Britany) where the core of the company is” commented Fabrice BOHIN, Algaia’s CEO.

Algaia™ has dramatically grown over the last 2 years with two acquisition in a row, the opening of a new R&D centre, the hiring of 12 additional industry talents at different levels of its management structure, its new fund raising and the completion of two additional strategic alliances.

The company now exports its products in 40 different countries across the globe and position itself as one of the leading and fastest growing company in the field of natural, sustainable specialty algae extracts for food, personal care, agriculture and health applications.