From initial project design to pilot scale-up and final delivery of a commercial offer, Algaia’s R&D center based in France assists customers through the development of their products in a wide range of applications in the agricultural, food, personal care or nutraceutical markets.

In its R&D center , Algaia optimizes the biomass from various marine-based raw materials to provide innovative compounds and actives. In addition, Algaia develops with its food application team the new generations of alginates, food systems or carrageenans customer are looking for.  

Latest results

The synergistic effects of seaweed active ingredients on perennial ryegrass


The aim is not only to generate high value compounds but also to maximize the output of natural and sustainable raw materials like seaweed, algae and other plants.

We have at our disposal state of the art laboratories and modern equipment :

  • Processing pilot equipment to develop our own seaweed biorefinery technology
  • Analytical equipment to provide insights on seaweed biomass potential but also helping to match your application specifications.
  • A fully equipped application laboratory to reproduce customers ‘ processing conditions and design the solution meeting the specific demands of our customer
  • Privileged access to pilot plant to produce various kinds of food and personal care prototypes 

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