Rosenberg, Germany, March 22nd, 2023

The JRS Group, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients from plant-based raw materials,  announces today the acquisition of Algaia SA, a producer and specialist of sustainably-produced seaweed extracts and hydrocolloids.

The JRS Group is one of the world’s leading fiber and hydrocolloid companies delivering ‘Green Products’ made of renewable, botanical resources into numerous industries. Following the acquisition of DuPont’s former alginates business with production site in Landerneau, Brittany, in 2018, the acquisition of Algaia’s nearby site in Lannilis sets another milestone in JRS’ seaweed business.

The acquisition leverages JRS’ position as a world-class player for seaweed-based products.

JRS and Algaia are both sustainably harvesting and processing seaweed along the Atlantic coast of Brittany, one of the largest fresh seaweed fields in Europe. Both firms joining forces provides the best conditions to meet the growing global demand for natural, renewable and biodegradable solutions for a wide range of industries such as food, feed, pharmaceuticals and medical care, home and personal care, surface coating or agriculture.

 “The acquisition of Algaia enables far-reaching synergies with our existing alginate business and underlines our commitment to provide outstanding innovative seaweed-based solutions to our global customers. JRS is fully committed to ensuring business continuity, to develop both production sites and to support the local sustainable harvest and utilization of fresh seaweed sources in Brittany” said Josef Otto Rettenmaier, president of JRS Group.

“Algaia is looking forward to bringing its long-term innovation and business expertise in hydrocolloids and agri-ingredients as well as its proprietary biorefinery know-how to JRS. We are confident that the newly-formed organization will enable to answer the fast growing demand for seaweed-based products and ensure a sustainable growth to both sites”, adds Frédéric Faure, Algaia’s CEO.

“Algaia’s exceptional R&D capabilities and long-standing industry experience in agri-ingredients for the agriculture industry is accelerating the ambition of our group to continuously expand the product offering of attractive niche specialty products with proven functional benefits.” adds Josef Otto Rettenmaier.

 About Algaia SA

Algaia is a fast-growing biomarine ingredients company offering sustainably produced seaweed extracts for food, cosmetics, dietary supplements medical devices and plant health in more than 50 countries. The company also provides analytical services and contributes to over 15 innovation projects in algal biomass. Algaia benefits from a manufacturing site located in Brittany close to one of the largest fresh seaweed fields in Europe. With over 55-year experience in alginate production, the company holds proprietary biorefinery extraction technology and valorizes the algal biomass for a wide range of industries. Its state-of-the-art R&D center in Normandy is hosting three laboratories and a pilot facility. 

About JRS Group

JRS Group is a family-owned company with global activities in the area of functional additives for food, pet food, pharma, personal care and various technical application fields. JRS Group manufactures and markets products made from vegetable-based raw materials with more than 3 .000 employees worldwide. By operating more than 20 fully owned international sales companies, 7 R&D centers and more than 50 production plants, JRS Group is a customer-oriented solution provider with a presence in all major countries around the globe.