In the pursuit of enhancing plant defense mechanisms, scientists from the SEASIDES joint laboratory funded by the ANR (Agence nationale de la recherche) and Algaia R&D Center have unveiled a novel fraction called LAM2 extracted from Laminaria hyperborea.

Published in the journal Biomolecules, the study sheds light on the cell wall modifications of tomato seedlings induced by LAM2, further emphasizing its potential as a plant elicitor. What is more, LAM2 exhibits significantly higher plant defense enhancement compared to the standard extracted from Laminaria digitata.

Within the SEASIDES Laboratory, the work was led by Dr. Isabelle Boulogne and the analytical developments by Dr. Patrice Lerouge, both from the “Glycobiology and Plant Extracellular Matrix” GlycoMEV laboratory at the Université de Rouen Normandie and Institut Carnot I2C together with Dr. Sophie Bernard, from the GlycoMEV and PRIMACEN analytical platform as well as Franck Hennequart from Algaia R&D Center.

These results open up new exciting avenues for harnessing the power of LAM2 to boost plant immunity.

⛏ For those interested in digging further into the matter, you can access the article here. 

To be noted , the SEASIDES joint laboratory is structured to offer product screening services in plant biostimulation and defense mechanisms. More information on GlycoMEV