During FIE 2017, Algaia will present many innovative concepts for:

Indulgent desserts without the calories: Algaia launches Satialgine DVA, its revolutionary texturizing ingredient derived from algae. The ingredient marks the latest technology for formulating low-fat, yet rich and creamy dairy desserts.
Pass the Salt in your Spread: Satialgine LSP provides a generous mouthfeel for salt-free spreads

Bubble your Packs: The company also introduces a line of innovative alginates developed for making edible films and bio packaging.

Bright alternative for jams and jellies: Algogel SGW solutions are the natural and sustainable alternatives to replace pectin.
Reliable supply in your labs: Algogel Customized SCM solutions are reliable and cost-efficient media replacing agar for surface streaking in dishes.

All the ingredients presented at FIE are suitable for vegan and organic foods and have been successfully tested.

Visitors to Fi Europe are welcome to sample these innovations at Algaia’s booth, #11.1F10.

  • Take a preview of Algaia’s innovations