Maabarot is a leading provider of Health and Nutrition products for the Human and Animal market. It was founded in 1963 and counts over 500 employees across the globe. The company is listed on Tel Aviv stock exchange. Maabarot’s mission is to develop, manufacture and supply advanced nutrition & health  products  which  are  reliable,  safe  and  improve  the  quality  of  life  of  its  customers for the benefit of its employees, business partners and shareholders.


Sapec sgps was founded in 1926 by the Velge family. The company began exploring pyrite mines in Portugal and in Spain. A few years later, it diversified its operations to the production of fertilisers, before expanding into the production and distribution of special crop protection products and specialty fertilisers, distribution of chemical products, land and port logistics and real estate, mostly in Portugal but also in Spain. Today, Sapec sgps is 100% privately owned. It maintains its other activities, which are selectively developed and consolidated. Over its 90 years of operation, Sapec has always been able to adapt to the circumstances, seize the opportunities at hand, and develop its business portfolio to more promising and profitable sectors, while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit and very strong family values. 


Supernova Invest combines CEA Investment assets and some of Amundi assets and expertise. Amundi is the largest European private equity investors with over 1000 billion euros in management. CEA Investment, a subsidiary of the CEA, is a specialist in seed investment in technology companies. Its proximity to public research laboratories and the venture capital industry has made it a key player in launching and financing startup companies in France. To date, it has funded over 50 companies. With 15 years’ experience in seed investment, Supernova Invest has generated several successful exits, including companies such as TRACIT, ULIS, MOVEA and FERMENTALG. The investment in ALGAIA was made through the Amorçage Technologique Investissement (ATI) fund, managed by Supernova Invest. The CEA, BPI (using the FNA), EDF, SAFRAN and BIOMERIEUX are investors in ATI.