ALGAIA is producing and selling a range of alginates from a facility with more than 40 years experience in manufacturing brown seaweed extracts.

Whether you need a heat resistant gel in your food product, a thickener to avoid ice crystals in ice cream, a gelling agent to develop a pet treat, a binder for welding rods or an excipient, ALGAIA has the alginate product to suit the purpose. Call us to explore our range of high quality alginates directly produced from brown seaweed from Britanny:

  • VIVAPUR®  for food applications
  • VIVASTAR®  for cosmetic applications
  • VIVAPHARM® for pharmaceutical applications
  • ARBOCEL® for industrial applications


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In its plant located in Lannilis, France, ALGAIA is only a stone’s throw from the second largest brown seaweed source in Europe. This is a considerable advantage for reducing transit time prior processing, producing high quality alginates and fulfilling ALGAIA’s sustainability objectives in terms of eco-friendly processing.

Algaia’s alginates are a naturally-occurring polysaccharide produced from brown algae. It demonstrates versatile functionalities as a powerful thickening agent, gelling agent, emulsifier, stabilizer or moisture retainer in a wide range of applications


Food & Pet Food: Alginate is used as gelling and thickening agents in many food applications and categories such as ice cream, snacks, dressings, puddings, creams, processed cheese and powdered products. It has also a unique property to create non thermo-reversible gels useful for vegetable or meat chunks, casings and stuffings. It is also used as a binder and thickening agent in pet-food.

Personal care, Supplements and Medical Devices: alginate is also used as an excipient to accelerate tablet disintegration and active release. Applications are also found in the cosmetic industry for moisture retention in creams and gel-forming capabilities in lipsticks or facial masks. Furthermore, it is also ideal as a material for dental impressions.

Non-food applications: our range of alginates also comes in useful in the textile, welding, paper or latex industries.