Algaia, part of the JRS J. Rettenmaier & Söhne group, has been honored with the 2023 “Green Ribbon” award for best economic approach for sustainable fishery practices last week. The award was granted by the Blue Fish association and supported by the Région Bretagne.
The trophy was received by Dr Benoit Queguineur during a special ceremony at the European Parliament, hosted by Dr Pierre Karleskind, MEP and President of the Fisheries Commission.

This award recognizes Algaia’s contribution to the SeaMark European project coordinated by Ocean Rainforest, which focuses on seaweed biorefinery which is at the heart of Algaia’s know-how and strategy. The project aims at valorizing seaweed to develop a full range of sustainable products. It is a testament to Algaia’s commitment to innovation and sustainability of the blue economy.

A huge thank you to Blue Fish, the Brittany region, and all our teams at Algaia.

Together, we’re heading towards a greener future!