Meet our team at FI Europe at the JRS booth K80 Hall 4.1 to learn how our wide range of algae-based extracts from the Iroise Sea in France can help you innovate:


Changing the world of plant-based alternatives, Vivapur MVA 191 enables the creation of fat inclusions in vegetable protein preparations—think burgers, patties or veggie sausages—that truly improve the culinary experience.

This innovative system mimics the cooking behavior of meat products, offering remarkable fat release and stability for an indulgent, savory appeal.

What sets Vivapur MVA 191 apart? Its taste neutrality makes it the perfect option for infusing aromas and flavors into the fatty phase preserving the desired taste without any bias effect.


Discover Vivapur DVA110 for making creamy flans with a flawlessly clean cut—perfect for both hot and cold preparations. This alginate-based product exhibits exceptional effectiveness even at low doses, ensuring a smooth mouthfeel experience without any syneresis.

What sets Vivapur DVA110 apart? Our alginate is ranked A in Nutriscore, rated green in food-rating applications and therefore provides a healthier yet indulgent dessert option for consumers.


Derived from seaweed sourced from the pristine Iroise Sea in France, Vivapur FD20NS opens doors to innovative oral strips designed for versatile use—oral, lingual, sublingual, or buccal. It provides:

  • Easiness to use with a viscosity tailored to films.
  • Enhanced adherence to the palate for superior bioavailability of actives.
  • Smooth processing with a rapid setting time.
  • Protection of the actives within the alginate matrix.

What sets Vivapur FD20NS apart? These oral films simply redefine convenience! They can be taken without any water or beverages, making them ideal for those on-the-go. Offering a safe and hassle-free format, they ensure precise doses of actives.