The 5th Breizhmer Conference took place on October 20th and focused on building a better future for the fishing and seaweed harvesting industry in Britanny.

Our CEO, Frédéric Faure, had the honor of participating in this conference in the presence of Olivier Le Nezet, President of the French National Fisheries Committee.

The conference provided a better understanding of the needs, opportunities and obstacles that must be overcome to build a sustainable future for our industry.

Fabrizio Donatella, Director of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries at the European Commission, reiterated the European support for this promising sector confronted to many challenges, particularly in terms of decarbonization, training and attractiveness.

The fishing industry, which includes seaweed harvesting, is, actually, in full transformation. Authorities at regional, national and European levels have an essential role to play in the transition and growth of our sector.

Together, let’s continue to shape the future of our great industry!