Algaia will be part of a CNN documentary programme called “Seaweed Week”.

A CNN crew came to Lannilis this week to shoot interviews of Frédéric FAURE, our CEO, and Vincent Doumeizel, author of the best-seller ‘The seaweed Revolution’ and Senior Advisor at the United Nations Global Compact.

The interviews will be used in several clips to be broadcasted everyday during the “Seaweed Week” on CNN TV News end September.

For a good overview of the seaweed sector in Brittany, the crew was also introduced to Aymeric Ropars, one of the seaweed harvesters working for Algaia, and was able to make under-water videos of breton seaweed. The journalists also had the opportunity to meet with renowned algae scientists such as Philippe Potin present at the European Phycological Congress in Brest.

More to come with the clips and the final end-to-end video!