Exciting news on algae ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry

Maud Le Gelebart, Algaia Services Manager, uncovered her vision of the opportunities lying ahead for algae-based cosmetic ingredients at the recent European Algae Summit.

Her talk covered:

  • The main claims for algae-based actives today
  • The various drivers for the exponential growth of algae-based ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products
  • The synergistic effects of micro- and macro-algae
  • The emergence of clinically tested algae-based actives
  • A case study on the contribution of algal compounds as anti-UV actives

Last but not least, Maud announced the opening of a new Algaia production line dedicated to the extraction of algae for the development of cosmetic ingredients, with the possibility of producing customized ingredients as of October 2023.

To be continued…