We were super proud to welcome Ines Schiller, CEO and Melanie Schichan, Head of Tampon at  Vyld on our site in Brittany last week.

For those who do not yet know, Vyld develops radically sustainable, ocean-friendly and healthy period products from seaweed. We were bound to get along!

Their first product is a tampon made from kelp called Kelpon, which will enter beta testing in 2023 and aims to become commercial in 2024.

Seaweed is the perfect fit for sustainable menstruation: seaweed-based fibers are absorbent, anti-inflammatory, fully biodegradable and respect the body’s microbiome.

Like Algaia, Vyld is actively engaged in using algae to build a more sustainable Planet for future generations.

And we embrace Vyld’s tagline: ‘Ocean saving. Period.’

More info on Vyld here