The Forum gathered over 36 algae specialists to review the scientific results of this ambitious Spirulina bio-refinery project out of 48 originally registered.

On the Forum’s agenda, results were presented on various extracts demonstrating in particular :

  • Prebiotic activities of spirulina coproduct extracts for horses
  • Soil bacteria modulation activities towards soil nutrient management and root development on associated plants
  • Evidences of spirulina extract on management of cardiovascular diseases

In addition to these outstanding scientific results, the first business plan on spirulina biorefinery approach was compared to the classical scheme of selling spirulina as a whole results are quite surprising!

Moving forward, the regulatory aspects were also taken into account with discussions on the necessary spirulina/microalgae ingredients registration to go to market.

The overall footprint of the project was also addressed with a Life Cycle Analysis particularly focusing on the consumption of water and energy linked to the production of spirulina biomass.

The project officially ended on January 31st, 2023 but the findings open up a wealth of bio-refinery options for a more sustainable future within EU.

A huge thanks to our partners in this inspiring project, LivegreenGREENSEA and University College Dublin with special kudos to Léa Braud, PhD student, hopefully Doctor in few weeks, in charge of the LCA!
We also thank the invited speakers, Monica PadellaMaris Stulgis from the European Commission and also Camila LevyJosé Carlos Valle-CasusoJean-Michel PommetPaula Pérez-LópezPi Collén, Nicholas Holden, Monique Ras – de Moncuit and Jean-Francois (Jef) Sassi.

And of course a very big thanks from the organizing project partners to all participants and their many interactions!