Progress report at + 18 months of this project in which Algaia participates
actively as a partner and co-leader in the valorization of Sargassum with the Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology and Chemistry.

Funded by ADEME, ANR, the French National Research Agency, the Guadeloupe Region and the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique and led by the LEMAR laboratory, this project is essential to provide solutions on sustainable management, harvesting and valorization of sargassum in the Caribbean.

Based on the knowledge of the R&D center Saint Lo in terms of Norman Sargassum (Sargassum muticum), Algaia carried out the characterization and identified the first transformation processes of Caribbean Sargassum (Sargassum fluitans / natans).

Targeted markets for valorization:

  • bio-stimulating and biocontrol products for agriculture
  • bioplastics

The first extracts are already being tested in bio-stimulation of plants at CIRAD in Guadeloupe.

To be continued…