Partnerships and strategic alliances are core to our company.

Strategic alliances are concluded with companies sharing the same vision for more natural and sustainable products and solutions, eco-friendly processes reducing CO2 emission and using natural renewable resource as raw materials.


GELYMAR is our strategic partner for Carrageenans. Gelymar is one of the top 4 leading carrageenan manufacturer and one of the sole company in the world using fresh/wet red seaweed in its manufacturing process. Gelymar benefits from the broadest spectrum of extraction technologies in the world. Its technologies use half of the energy and water traditionally used in carrageenan extractions. The energy being used is based on local wood chips, by-products are valorized as natural fertilizers to grow trees that are then cut to produce energy. Gelymar set-up is optimized regarding CO2 emission. Gelymar is located next to the most strategic world resource of natural seaweed of highest purity. We are GELYMAR’s exclusive commercial and development arm for Europe and also linked with a Joint development Agreement on various topics.


ALDERYS is today one of the most successful European Green Biotech company developing the field of “cell factories”. ALDERYS purchased ALGAIA’ technology related to Flavonoid production at the end of 2015 and integrated part of ALGAIA team dedicated to this domain in its organisation as part of the technology transfer. ALDERYS remains our strategic partner in the field specialty micro-organisms that could potentially be used as processing aids in our extraction processes.